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December 8th, 2008, 14:41
After starting over again and again and again, I've also settled with a party - outcasts from various places in the world, ending up travelling together due to various strange incidents. The party consists of:

+ Main char: Warlock -> Hellfire Warlock. Generally, he's a smug bastard - he's good, and he knows it. Very rarely wrong (maxed lore, spellcraft), and if he is, he uses bluff/intimidate to get out of it. Very high damage output using eldritch chain brimstone blast (basically a chain of fire that hits two targets).

+ Female half drow cleric (earth/time for haste/stoneskin) -> doomguide. Fairly low fighting stats, but does all the healing, buffing and so on.

+ Female Yuan-ti ranger (dualwield), with a few levels of swashbuckler to get various free feats (weapon finesse etc). Leads the party on the overland map.

+ Male Shield dwarf fighter -> dwarven defender. He's the tank, obviously.

The reason I've brought in the warlock and the DD is simple: My first parties all had the same problem - they were getting exhausted too quickly (needed rest all the time). The DD really helps in this regard, since he has so much armor he usually takes very little damage, which means the party overall needs less healing (so the cleric is hardly ever exhausted). The warlock is a non-stop guaranteed damage output, no matter how many times he enters battle.

I haven't spent any time crafting so far, which I probably should. How is the crafting compared to MotB (where you could make incredible items right away, that were far better than anything money could buy).. ?

Edit: I feel I should add that I tried having three of those dino pets (two rangers + Umoja). Very solid tanks, almost too good, considering they're simply an added bonus to already solid classes (druid/ranger).
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