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December 8th, 2008, 14:24
Yes, PJ, I would also agree with most of your list. However I personally didn't have a problem with the story thread in Chapter II (I assume you are talking about the investigation). Maybe I did everything in the proper order (the developer intended order), as one of my praises for the game was how complex certain quests were and yet how coherent they stayed.

I'm also not sure what you meant about the camera - speaking of actual playing or dialogue scenes, or both? I noticed that the camera moved WAY too fast on default settings with OTS mode, but that's easily corrected in the options. The ISO camera also rotated too slowly for my taste, so I played almost exclusively in OTS. (I actually just thought of something… does the mouse sensitivity setting affect both modes? - making OTS the right speed actually slows down isometric too much? Maybe that's the problem…) Anyway, the dialogue scenes were messed up sometimes by the random camera placement, it's true.
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