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December 8th, 2008, 19:39
Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
+ Main char: Warlock -> Hellfire Warlock. Generally, he's a smug bastard - he's good, and he knows it. Very rarely wrong (maxed lore, spellcraft), and if he is, he uses bluff/intimidate to get out of it. Very high damage output using eldritch chain brimstone blast (basically a chain of fire that hits two targets).
Hey, that sounds just like me!

I haven't spent any time crafting so far, which I probably should. How is the crafting compared to MotB (where you could make incredible items right away, that were far better than anything money could buy).. ?
Similarly powerful but very expensive. If you have one guy with Craft Magic Arms and Armor, to start with you can make triple-enchanted weapons, with d6 elemental damage of any type and/or +1 enchantment. (I've gone with 2x elemental damage and +1, on the assumption that the +1 helps beat resistances.) However, it costs mucho dinero -- 1000 gp for the +1, and 4000 gp for each elemental enchantment. The UI has also been streamlined to the max -- you just click on the recipe you want to make while in the neighborhood of the appropriate crafting station; if you have the required items, feats, and money, these will be deducted and the item will be produced.

Edit: if you have a character with good Appraise, you can then sell off your creations at a fairly small loss, so it becomes quite easy to upgrade your stuff too. The game encourages you to produce lots of funky items.

IMO it works rather well -- since trade is such a big part of the game, you need a money sink to motivate your trading, and the crafting system does that job very well indeed. The MotB system worked very well for MotB too, but it was a whole different game.
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