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December 10th, 2008, 04:52
Originally Posted by Thaurin View Post
Imflammatory and useless list. Totally slave to subjectivity. These only serve to spark conflict. You link to trolls now?
I'm a bit bemused. There are lists that aren't subjective? You say "imflammatory", I say "conversation".

As for a troll…OK. I think Tom is one of the better gaming journalists out there writing for mainstream gaming sites. His Qt3 board is one of the best "industry" forums out there and quite a few people who visit RPGWatch also read Qt3 and vice versa, so that makes his (subjective) opinion worth a bit of a chin wag, for me. After reading the intro, the list makes perfect sense to me - at least for the handful I've played; doesn't mean he's always right, of course.

Lastly, my long experience (and I have been doing this for a while) is that lots of people complain about silly lists but they also generate a lot of discussion, which is kinda the point of what we do.
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