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December 10th, 2008, 11:03
I don't get the Civ IV overrated game thing and no one else would at www.civfanatics.com

If he left GTA 4 being the worst port in the history of ports then I would agree, but I like the characters, story, gameplay a lot. I think it is a vast improvement over San Andreas (once you get it working )

So RPG formulas are now getting "long-in-the-tooth"? Yeeaaa, ok. I happen to like the formula and wish they would make a lot more. If KOTOR 3 - 20 came out I would be a happy camper. The biggest flaw I guess this guy has with the formula would be the good vs evil thing, but so what, it's a game not real life. As long as its fun.

So we have to break the mold and make new more innovative formulas even when they are still popular? Well I heard that they tried that with D&D 4th edition and screwed up royally. Mind you, I haven't (and now won't) bought D&D 4th edition, but everywhere I go people are either blasting it to kingdom come or making fun of it. I hear it will be great for PC games though, fits right in with WOW.
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