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December 11th, 2008, 21:18
My PC is getting a bit old now, but Im still squeezing every last ounce I can out of it. Since some of the newer titles are too graphic intensive for my PC, I went back and grabbed a few older titles that I missed, and a few that actually run well on my PC. The problem is, along with the games I already owned but didnt play much, I have too many games to choose from and cant get into one of them long enough before I try the next.

Im currently switching between KotR II, Kings Bounty:The Legend, Colonization, GTA: San Andreas, and Civ IV. I also have sitting here Jade Empire, The Witcher, Spore, Arcanum, Europa Universalis III, F.E.A.R, Lego Batman, Oblivion, and Medieval 2, and Divine Divinity Probably a few more. I just saw that there is an english demo for Drakensang, which definitely bears looking into.

I also picked up Gothic II Gold. I played vanilla Gothic II up to chapter 3, then stopped playing it. I really wasnt having much fun with it, although Gothic I is one of my favorite games of all time without a doubt, quite possibly my favorite ever. However, I might have playing wrong for me, since in the original Gothic I played as a Mage, but in G2 I went the paladin route. I figured Id get the add-on and start over, but go as a mage this time.

That along with the simulation sports leagues Im in, and Im spending alot of time on too many games, and am unable to get sucked into any of them. Any suggestions on which game to stick with? Im leaning towards G2 again at this point.

Just as a machine reference, the PC Im playing on plays all of the games well, except maybe Oblivion (but I can play no problem with lowered settings and have actually played through a few of those hell gate things already). The Witcher seemed to run good during the game itself, but the load times were unbelievably unbearable. I understand that the enhanced edition speeds up load times, but on my old PC, Im still not sure thats going to make a difference. I havent tried.
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