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December 12th, 2008, 17:36
@dte--thanks for the ..invigorating…cover by Erasure. Pretty cool. And you do get credit( though not extra credit) for Proud Mary, and also for making me think of Green River even though both songs have sadly lost their zing over the years. (And while by hard-core rocker standards maybe not, I realize that that Riverfull/Curtain Society clip is pretty cheery for Gazer stuff.)
Can't believe I missed the Talking Heads one--though again, I'm not sure how cheerful it is; at least it presents 'the river' as a place of renewal and not somewhere to commit suicide or murder, so that's an improvement.

My favorite was the last clip, though. Definitely fits all the criteria I had in mind for positivity, plus rock n roll cred and lyrics. If he is saying "You've got to learn to live until the end.." you get a plus 4 on that one.

Thanks for playing. My first exposure to that artist/group--it's interesting indeed and the vocals are excellent. I think "The River" qualifies on all fronts--as it seems to be equating said River with Life and stuff.
Appreciate the turn-on.
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