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December 13th, 2008, 12:43
Strategy indeed.

To the trained gothic player eye it is blatantly obvious…yet it isn't for me to divulge the subliminal strategies G3 holds.

I found there are 3 layers to G3, one is certainly a very deep and grey area.

The surface layer, that which is apparent and in some ways "mundane" or "shallow" to many players. Such is the very purpose of the game, to search for the lower levels is not immediately apparent and will put some gamers off completely - i personally love this kind of thing, only the "gothics" have it. (thank you PB)

The sub layer, that which is only hinted, there are deceptions, twists and turns. The druid stones and the transformation to animals part hold the key but my lips are sealed any further to this subject.

The sub-conclusive layer, that which cannot be seen at all. The game uses a fantasy imagined hierarchy to progress to the "fourth way" as hinted but not explained by the developers.

You have to find your own player-depth within the game structure. There is more in there and it has to be progressively exposed as you get deeper into the game, ignore it and you will see no real beauty as intended by the PB story writers.

Just to make matters worse, the community patches do not grasp this method at all and will override and negate or hinder the hidden functions true purpose. G3 CP's have no corrective purpose too the vanilla storyline…only an easier gaming convenience, with good intentions of course.

My G3 game runs smooth as silk with no "unofficial" patches - why is that?
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