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December 17th, 2008, 14:13

I collected most of the answers but the final pieces to the puzzle were missing. I tried too hard, the game wore me out and i finally gave up.

The big "Chroni-man" is still there and lies hidden within the depths of G1 sealed in a timeless tomb waiting forever for the true hero that i doubt will ever come.

Solving G3 might just give you the 'edge' of solving G1 but in reality it is hard unless the gamer becomes *attuned* to the concept of the game, without this the solution will never be found unless by some stroke of uncanny luck like i did.

Solving G3 is easier because the clues are purposely exposed via the game progression - in someways a pinacle of gaming excellence because going slightly off-track within the game's progress means you have *unknowingly* failed, you have to know what you want to achieve before you get there (an almost impossible task) In G1 the clues are certainly there, hard but not impossible to construct a logical picture.
I've re-installed G3 (vanilla) once again, it will be hard to stay on the right path.

All alignment to the gods must be maintained, all orcs kept on-hold and not killed within Myrtana (to appease Adanos and consequently Beliar). Then onward to Nordmar where all hostile orcs *are killed* and totally eliminated (to appease Innos) then….well i'll stop there, best not to go further till an amicable outcome is found..?

If i see skating orcs fleeing (or even disappearing) en-mass on quest completion throughout the kingdom…i will be very pleased.
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