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December 17th, 2008, 16:09
Ah! I'd vote for M&B, but it doesn't really count - I've already played it for a good part of 2007, so it's hard appropriate for this poll (even if it was officially released only in 2008). Other contenders included Avernum (which is exciting and all, but really nothing particulary innovative), NWN2: SoZ (which I believe is great, just haven't had the chance to play it yet), and Sacred 2 (which is pretty good, definitely aRPG of the year). In the end, though, I'd have to opt for the not-_really_-RPG choice - King's Bounty. It's just too good.

Oh, the "Best upcoming" question was a toughie, though - Divinity, Dragon Age and Drakensang (plus Eschalon and Geneforge from the indie part) are all games I anxiously await. Opted for Dragon Age in the end, simply because it's more "mainstream" (as in, well known) than others and likelier to have an effect on more people.
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