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December 23rd, 2008, 08:49
Agreed with most points.

Personally, Iīd like to see more "verticality".
The environment was rather flat in that regard which is probably tied to the fact that Geralt isnīt able to jump, swim or climb. Since the game did so much things so well, I didnīt mind it after a while but in the beginning it was rather ridiculous not being able to jump over a stupid fence, especially after seeing the intro movie which was full of vertical antics.
I guess it would probably be too much hassle to implement it properly for the first game, but if sequel will be made, Iīd like to see these things in.
Also, not being able to walk in OTS view was rather weird (Iīve played most of the game in first person view so personally I didnīt mind).

Regarding the story, one aspect that felt rather unfinished, and in the end borderline disappointing, was the resolution of Geraltīs relationship with Shani/ Triss. Iīd like to see it adressed more prominently in the epilogue, since it was a pretty important part of the story.
I guess this would be eventually adressed in the sequel, but at least one dialogue with the chosen woman before the last one with Dandelion wouldīve been nice.
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