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December 31st, 2008, 10:12
Originally Posted by Dasale View Post
Hey Deekin was one of the coolest NPC joining the party I ever seen. About One of Many (well I mean the NPC in MotB) I found it quite cool too when I replay MotB trying the evil path.

I think that MotB evil path would require a bit more polishing for the energy management. Still a great game.

The OC is also quite good stuff, MotB is just better.
I have to say, Nwn2 and the OC were stupendous. I really loved them. MotB was even better. At first I was put off by the spirit eater curse, but after I got the "Satiate" feat, I was pretty much able to disregard it entirely. All I had to do after that was time the use of Satiate to be within 6 Spirit points of 0. I did miss that one time (ouch), but for the most part, the spirit eater curse was just an interesting diversion and a welcome advantage.

It would have been interesting to see a possible romance with Kaelyn, who was a fascinating character. The OC had the advantage of a more developed love interest with Elanee, who displayed more jealousy and other romance related emotions. The thing with Safiya was rather sudden, and right at the end, with not much in the way of romantic development. But that's the way things work sometimes. It wasn't a biggie with me, but some others on the bioware forums were critical of it.

One problem is that the developers and writers just do not have an infinite amount of time to create and integrate all this into a finished product, within a financially dictated timeline.
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