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January 4th, 2009, 21:40

I don't think that's a fair comparsion - you are talking about simple degradation of degradable media (paper or magentic tape). Barring such things, you *would* expect to be able to play/read them "forever". With digital media - joy of joys - you can simply copy you data before it degrades - copyright and copy "protection" permitting, of course. And despite the stated lifetimes of CD/DVD's (still very respectable) I've yet to have one bomb out on me due to age.

The issue, imho, is really one of our rights and how these are being trampled upon by publishers under the guise of "fighting piracy". I really think if you *buy* the product (at full cost), then you should be able to "plug'n'play". Just as I can pop in a DVD I bought and play it (on my region-free DVD player ;-) , or open a book I bought and read it etc etc. And the insistence that you need an internet connection to play a non-networked game strikes me as ridiculous - and no, phoning a foreign country at great expense and getting bounced from one idiot to another to "activate" my purchase is not acceptable either. So basically, I have to spend my money - either in phone line call costs or part of my cap (even if it's a small portion) - to even get to play my purchase? Why do we put up with this? What alarms me more is the widepsread passive acceptance I see: "that's the way it's got to be to stop them durn pirates"… (because the corporations say this it must be true, and of course they care about us! All hail the corporations…! *dribble* *drool* Pass the Brawndo!)
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