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January 7th, 2009, 17:53
Originally Posted by magerette View Post
Reminds me of building a custom race in MOO2, skav. You had so many points , positive and negative, to distribute--charismatic, creative, democratic all gave huge perks but you only had ten points, so had to start picking negative traits--high-gravity planet, low population growth, etc, to balance out.
Thanks for the flashback It's been so long since I replayed MOO2 I had forgotten about that. Ahhh, the memories of taking a hell of a long time figuring out what positive and negative traits would make for a great game. Same for MOM, the one thing I remember most about that game is figuring out what kind of mage I wanted this time. Do I want 10 spells in one catagory to give me the best catalog of spells? or do I want to take perks like summoner which made it easier to maintain and research summoned creatures. Though MOM didn't have any negatives, it still was great fun in both of them to try and figure out what kind of game I wanted this time around.

I don't think Eschalon is approaching that kind of customization yet, but giving the options to disable or enable certain parts of the game is always a good thing. Like for me sometimes I really want a game that like the old Realms of Arkania games, where weapons wore out and you had to put on different clothing or you would get sick. Other times I just want a game like Sacred or Diablo where I go around fighting monsters and customizing my character.

It's nice to see this feature in Eschalon without having to mod it into the game.
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