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January 8th, 2009, 16:01
I've just finished Nation by Terry pratchett which was quite good. Somewhere between his children's books and his full grown up books really.

I'm getting a little bored of his protagonists though, they all seem to be basically the same "remarkably pragmatic, recognises the value of humanity before everything else etc" type, but it was a nice setting really and some good moments. Quite a moving ending too.

Now I'm on to my brother's second book Gears of the City [/spam]. Really enjoying it so far, he seems to be settling into his style a lot more with this one. Especially since there's a very dreamlike quality to the beginning with the central protagonist having had his memory stripped away from him (there is a narrative context to it, it's not just a "wake up with all memory gone" relatively cliched game start) and capturing that dreamlike quality without disappearing up one's own arse finnegan's wake style is always tricky but he's done very well.

A far more appropriate cover for this one too, no gay pirates on it. Not that I have anything against gay pirates, there just weren't any in the book and the cover didn't really fit with it.

Anyway, obviously you should all buy at least 10 copies because he's my brother but aside from that in so far as I can tell (and obviously I can't be objective) it is actually really good as well, especially if you like New Weird.
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