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January 9th, 2009, 11:10
Originally Posted by Xizor View Post
Sorry, I have to come down on this. [In Paraphrase of the article] The Fallout 3 is every bit as "exploratory" as is Mass effects "exploration". So to name that as an upper hand Fallout 3 has, is a flat out lie. Not just plain old Jobs reality distortion factor. IMHO all other usual RPG points are on Mass Effects side (although it is not without serious flaws of its own).

My 2c, flame on.
I tried, but I really don't understand what you just said.

Are you saying Fallout 3 is less "exploratory" than Mass Effect? If so, I guess you mean that exploration is not as worthwhile as it is in Mass Effect.

Personally, I think perhaps the very best part of Fallout 3 IS how many different areas there are to explore, and unlike Oblivion, those areas are relatively distinct and come with their own unique twists and story-related rewards.

On the other hand, I think both Mass Effect and Fallout 3 fall short in terms of RPG mechanics - but Mass Effect is a much bigger offender in that way.




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