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January 9th, 2009, 12:24
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
I tried, but I really don't understand what you just said.

Are you saying Fallout 3 is less "exploratory" than Mass Effect? If so, I guess you mean that exploration is not as worthwhile as it is in Mass Effect.

Personally, I think perhaps the very best part of Fallout 3 IS how many different areas there are to explore, and unlike Oblivion, those areas are relatively distinct and come with their own unique twists and story-related rewards.

On the other hand, I think both Mass Effect and Fallout 3 fall short in terms of RPG mechanics - but Mass Effect is a much bigger offender in that way.

Apologies, I meant to point out that both games have absolutely horrible experience of exploration, hence "exploratory". So I think to name one dead awful experience as an upper hand over another dead awful experience is just a lie.

IMO Fallout 3 had more graphically varied exploration, but the things to do are always the same. Mass Effect had superficially varied graphics and the things to do were always the same. Since I care more for other elements than graphics, the experience of exploration is just as bad in both games.
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