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January 9th, 2009, 13:15
Perhaps we could jot down my dislike of Fallout 3 to me being tied to the previous titles of the franchise, more than execution itself. Fallout 3 disappointed me on all fronts I really liked in F1&2, like story, dialogue quality, cultural references and such. I cannot detach from F1&2 enough to enjoy F3, even though it is an immense step up from Oblivion from my point of view.

I generally like more linear approach to gaming, such as BioWare exhibits in their games. Open ended elements like in the GTA series (just driving, exploring cities, routes, hidden things) mostly do not peak my interest, after completing missions in GTAs I simply stopped playing. Practically the only games I enjoy that are not strongly story driven are 4x games. So, even though I could not be considered an expert on exploration I do enjoy the sense of discovery. For the example System shock series were excellent to me in that regard, even though they are probably not the most non-linear games around.

Back on topic, I sure do hope that some of the upcoming titles in 2009 (Dragon Age, Age of Decadence etc), make up for this one. Perhaps the hope is forlorn, but I will not relinquish it.
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