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January 9th, 2009, 15:15
Originally Posted by Xizor View Post
Dhruin, the wording I chose was designed to kick a conversation off. More people will join in if you call it a lie than a stretch. It was not meant to be insultive, I really appreciate the work that is put in this site.

I do not take polls seriously, do enjoy a good argument though.
For the example, if I wanted to kick things further I'd say that in a fictional poll on whether the stoning of unfaithful women is good and just, in certain parts of the world a poll would say yes. Does it make it good in any way?
For me personally, I think it's very important to say exactly what you mean. When you say that Fallout 3 is just as bad in an "exploratory" way as Mass Effect - it's helpful if you actually mean it. If what you really want to say is that you find Fallout 3 just as bad OVERALL as Mass Effect, or dreary in some general way - whatever - then say that instead.

But if you don't actually mean what you say - you're going to struggle a bit when your words are challenged. Such misunderstandings are not beneficial - or at least I don't think so. Then again, I don't care for conflict for conflict's sake, even if it's amiable like it usually is around here.

Beyond that, I strongly recommend being able to back up any claim that lies in a factual realm. For example, I'd argue that exploration is a relatively concrete concept and if you think Fallout 3 is bad in this way, it should be easy for you to present why you think so - in a logical and consistent fashion. You failed to do that.

As far as a simple subjective opinion such as "Fallout 3 is boring", it should be enough to say that and not mix it up to cause a reaction.

I can promise you that whenever I see something I disagree with - that I care about, even in a small way - I'm going to challenge it. There's no need to spice it up.




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