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January 9th, 2009, 15:27
Originally Posted by Xizor View Post
Dhruin, the wording I chose was designed to kick a conversation off. More people will join in if you call it a lie than a stretch. It was not meant to be insultive, I really appreciate the work that is put in this site.

I do not take polls seriously, do enjoy a good argument though.
For the example, if I wanted to kick things further I'd say that in a fictional poll on whether the stoning of unfaithful women is good and just, in certain parts of the world a poll would say yes. Does it make it good in any way?
But that doesn't make your point about exploration a very good argument.

I was dissapointed by Mass Effect planetary exploration parts. I had hoped to 'explore' additional alien cultures outside of the Main Storyline. Or even a destroyed world, yes we did get some of those in the Main Storyline locations, but I'd rather would have had 5 more inhabited planets with quests unrelated to the main quest than the dozens of empty planets that only center around the collecting of items on desolate planets. Or quests in very similar looking dungeons.

This Mass Effect exploration quickly became a chore. While with Fallout 3 I'm still finding new background stories.

Also the "mining facility," "space ship" or "space station" dungeons of Mass Effect really suffered from the same problems of the Oblivion dungeons. There really wasn't variance in appearance or layout (well, even Oblivion still might have an edge on the layout front). While Fallout 3 does re-use the same assets or variations of them, the layout, theme and background story (with help of holotapes or terminals) do give the dungeons their own character.
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