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January 9th, 2009, 17:14
Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
I voted for Mass Effect, since I loved the story, characters and overall game universe. FO3 would've been a close second though, so I don't mind the two topping the poll.

As for "RPG hybrids" dominating - I do not consider Mass Effect an RPG hybrid. Having FPS combat does not automatically make it a hybrid - was Might & Magic 6 ever considered a "RPG + FPS hybrid"?. It certainly has FPS combat, but beyond that it has nothing in common with action games. Combat, in my opinion, has absoluttely nothing to do with whether or not a game is considered a real RPG or not.
OMG, Mass Effect is indeed a hybrid… actually, it's a 75% shooter 25% RPG hybrid. In my eyes, it deserves less the term RPG than, say, King's Bounty.
When I played ME, I forgot to 'level up' my character for hours and I was doing just fine, then when I realized it, I went to the level up screen and had like 25 points left to assign (that's like what, 8 level ups?). That only tells you that all those stats and skills do exactly … nothing. If stats don't matter, then it's not an RPG, at least not my definition of RPG. Choosing an answer to a question here and there doesn't make it an RPG, an adventure game does that too (and many times… better)
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