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January 9th, 2009, 18:05
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
actually, it's a 75% shooter 25% RPG hybrid. In my eyes, it deserves less the term RPG than, say, King's Bounty.
When I played ME, I forgot to 'level up' my character for hours and I was doing just fine, then when I realized it, I went to the level up screen and had like 25 points left to assign (that's like what, 8 level ups?). That only tells you that all those stats and skills do exactly … nothing. If stats don't matter, then it's not an RPG
I think you're exaggerating. The stats did matter, if only for unlocking new powers to use and building them up. You could play the whole game as a shooter, gunning things down. I think that was the whole thing. Bioware decided to give the player that choice. However, unless you're a soldier, I found that the game was difficult without proper use of my skills and planning my battles.

I don't know, maybe the rest of the world is just uber at FPS and I suck. But in the end, not simply gunning down everything in sight was the more satisfying way of playing, anyway.
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