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January 9th, 2009, 19:25
Originally Posted by Thaurin View Post
I think you're exaggerating. The stats did matter, if only for unlocking new powers to use and building them up. You could play the whole game as a shooter, gunning things down. I think that was the whole thing. Bioware decided to give the player that choice. However, unless you're a soldier, I found that the game was difficult without proper use of my skills and planning my battles.

I don't know, maybe the rest of the world is just uber at FPS and I suck. But in the end, not simply gunning down everything in sight was the more satisfying way of playing, anyway.
This could have some validity if the game asked you in the beginning if you wanted to play it as a shooter, and by doing so, it would automatically level your stats/skills without your interaction. But this is not the case, I was pretty much killing everything without raising any stats or skills (and I'm most certainly not 'uber' at FPS). Maybe when you fight the 2 or 3 main bosses it might make a difference (not sure as I had already applied the points then), but for 95% of the game it doesn't.
It would be interesting to try and play the game without ever going to the level up screen.
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