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January 9th, 2009, 22:50
Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
I would of
Would've = correct
Would of = incorrect and makes absolutely no sense.

Sorry but this is the 4th time I've come across this error today and it annoys the crap out of me (see it daily on boards)!!!

Back to topic: this was a pathetic year for CRPGs and it's sad but 1st person action/RPGs will soon become the standard. We can thank all the FPS console gamers for that (Fallout 3, Oblivion, Mass Effect all major successes, all on XBox/PS3).

Not to knock console gamers, I'm one myself. And that being said Persona 4 released last month on the PS2 and its predecessor are far more entertaining than any CRPG I've played in the last 2 years.

The Persona games ooze style, uniqueness, have challenging combat, are well written (relative to their settings, they both center around a bunch of High School kids so this isn't Shakespeare), have a good deal of humor, and a tremendous degree of polish (from cut scenes to interface, heck to title screens!).

I've been catching up on my console/Japanese style RPGs this past year after finally getting a PS2 Christmas of 2007. I had a Gamecube but only a handful of RPGs came out for it and between the GC, PC gaming, a Dark Age Of Camelot addiction (now Warhammer, lol) and other things just had no time for a second console. Also became bored to tears during the end of the PSONE's heyday so I really gave up on the genre.

But playing Persona 3 & 4, Final Fantasy X & XII, and a few others I've realized that JRPGs have evolved a bit and for the best (FF XII's combat system and the massive scope of the game world are good examples). Persona's modern world settings do wonders for the genre as well. And I realized you just can't get as attached to PC CRPG characters the way you can to console JRPGs - there just isn't that level of characterization which in some games CAN be enough to sustain tired gameplay mechanics.

And even when JRPS eschew turn based for an action-centric style (Star Ocean, Tales games) there is still an element of strategy - of course it helps these are all party based. In other words they still "FEEL" like JRPGs.

But with CRPGs it's a whole other story. I just can't stomach 1st Person (or 3rd Person) action based RPGs. While they are beautiful to look at they don't feel like RPGs anymore.

The only really good party based CRPG released in the last few years was NWN: MoTB and if not for the great writing/story and setting it would have been as lackluster as NWN 2's OC because the NWN 2 engine fails on so many levels and the game suffers from cakewalk combat difficulty (as do most Bioware & Obisidian games, post BG 2).

Maybe I'm jaded with CRPGs in general. Or maybe I'm waiting for a game that will give me the feeling of elation I had when I first played Planescape or Fallout or BG 2.

Heck I reinstalled Wizardry 8 again recently. Now there's a 1st person game I don't mind playing - it's party based, turn based, challenging, and didn't have generic characters/classes. Is that too much to ask for in a CRPG?

And it just seems like CRPGs have no "heart" these days.
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