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January 10th, 2009, 02:36
The visitor's results look more like "most played of the year": with most people only choosing between "Fallout 3 and Mass Effect" because chances are that's the only ones they played in the list. And I am no exception, I voted for Storm of Zehir and the only other 2008 releases I played were Fallout 3 and Mass Effect. I'll try my best to get around to playing the other games in the list, I promise ;-)

I'd like to see the results of your poll divided by sales figures. That would be quite informative: Fable 2's rating would be even more abysmal. And King's Bounty and Avernum 5 would probably rank 1st and 2nd.

What really surprised me though is the editor's choice. I too, as many other commentors here, wouldn't have placed my bets on Fallout 3. Come on, do you really want to break NMA's and the Codec's hearts
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