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January 16th, 2009, 06:00
The same ones who are saying Apple is going under now were saying it back in the '90's when they actually were in trouble.

Now Apple has missed a tremendous opportunity, as if the Mac OS-X had been allowed to install on non-Mac hardware (currently it detects whether the MB and such are Mac units or other), they could have gathered tremendous market share. Had they pushed harder for more software development across to the Mac OS, better marketing, and maybe a lower priced laptop (around $500) and desktop ($350) to actually compete against the Win-based systems, they would be taking all of those who refused to downgrade to Vista.

I eventually was forced into Vista, because my last computer's MB fried, and I wanted a laptop. Since I found out the only ones making games I want aren't major developers, and very rarely push even what little of a system I have now, a $1700 gaming rig didn't make sense. Since Apple doesn't want my business (they staff their stores with some of the most arrogant wastes of carbon I've ever seen outside of Washington DC), it was either vista or a used laptop.

I may upgrade (or downgrade as the case usually is with Windows) later. Then again, I may pick up XP and enjoy a slightly better experience. When i want a stable, fast OS, I'll install Ubuntu.

I am NOT enjoying Vista. It's barely tolerable for a few games like Wizardry 8, and that's it.
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