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January 18th, 2009, 00:01
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I've played several absolutely amazing 'games' in my life, but this one goes much further than that well into the realm of art. It also spoiled me; I've been waiting for years for something to come close this.. How long must we wait?
I, too have been waiting 10 years or so to play an similar amazing game like PS: Torment. Unfortunately, it seems that we must wait - forever & and a day (to paraphrase nat king cole).

The reason for this is that the game didn't sell well, the game was released during the 1999-2001 turnabout in the PCbusiness/industry that eventually lead to the downfall of Black Isle (and Interplay apparently, too - at least for a short while). Since 2002 or at least 2004-2005, games have more been a business than gamer nerds saying that they are making games 'for gamers by gamers.' (the old interplay motto).

This means that the industry looks at what is the next big thing and cranks out everything that looks, smells and plays the same as the other companies do; if the other companies have an MMMO, so must we. If the other companies have an FPSRPG statbased shooter (SBS), so must we. And somewhere along the line, adventure game got lost in the shuffle. That's why I buy adventure games, btw. To seng a signal and a message to the devs. and publishers out there; adventure games still have a place in the market is the signal, I'm sending.

Adventure games have way too much dialogue, way too much text, you need to read, way to many puzzles you need to solve in order to progress. It requires that you think, often outside the box, to progress in the game. PS: Torment did the same. It did not sell that well, I believe? The total selling seem to have been about 500,000 copies during the last 10 years (the game was released in 1999)

And that alone is the reason we won't se another game like PS: Torment or a game similar to PS: Torment in this day and age; Fallout 3 has sold about 2 million copies during the game's first two months. The new Tomb Raider Underworld sold about 1 million games during its first 6-8 weeks…

I would still like to see a gaming company or a game publisher making a small (independent) studio that will make and fund the development of games for the hardcore fans (like myself). It will probably be a guaranteed 400,000-500,000 sales (at least). The Witcher sold a million in a year, so it can be done.
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