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January 18th, 2009, 13:52
Yes, the problem in making a game like or even similar to Torment is not the gameplay; the depth of the gameplay, the actual presentation, the amount of text you'll need to read, the depth of the choices and the consequences thereof. And the philosophical question about what can change 'the nature of a man'.

I liked the idea behind Torment; you're the nameless one, you wake up, you don't know who you are. During the game you get to remember this, even through dying - either by high intelligence or by varius tatoos on your body. Death actually means something in this game --- it will let you remember more of your past.

As I said, The Witcher seems to be making a game that is an indie game (sort of); it is saluted at both the Codex, among the casual players and the hardcore players.

I also agree that Bioware could be making a game like or similar PS: Torment. I hope DA: Origins will be in the same vein as PS: Torment, Baldur's Gate and Jade Empire. And I urge any of you with just a trifle, tad or smidging interest in the game to actually buy the game - to send a strong signal to the powers that be (EA) that there is a market for these games.
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