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January 21st, 2009, 02:45
@wulf - this is exactly the sort of thing I'm getting at and my experience with NWN1 and MMORPG's makes death a legitimate part of the game - even being immortal in the case of PS:T was essential IIRC.

In a proper commercial SP setting these are ideas that have hardly been explored whereas in MMORPG's they are ideas that are necessary in order not to lose a customer. The original Wheel of Time mod in NWN1 by RobD had draconian rules such as one player, and one death per day. Let's just say that the WoT mod I took over quietly ran that one to the ground.

Imagine a pay to play game with such hardcore policies. Would you play there?

Its the Multiplayer death paradigm that makes me realize something else can be done with the Singleplayer where death can not only be an intricate part of advancing the story but even a mini-game, a creative way to play differently, or a traditional deterrent to play "correctly" but done in a different way.

[spoil] In Bioware's Pirate mod for NWN the players there must die and become undead in order win the game and not be killed under the sea.[/spoli]

@coffin - the descriptions of what we mean by the systems is clearly stated in Dhruin's first post.
# Traditional permanent death - player must load a previous save
# Miraculous resurrection - player returned to start point
# Japanese miracle - returned to previous check point (player may only save at these points)
I realize that many Japanese RPG's use more traditional systems but it was there that pushing to save points became popular, almost as if they were arcade games.
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