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January 21st, 2009, 16:34
Yes Lucky Day - but by the very use of the word 'death' some gamers would say 'yuk' - you can see how Jabberwocky's and Corwin's reactions understandably reflect how most gamers might also react by default. In such death-role/guise situations, shakey players would probably have to be 'taken by the hand' of the game writer probably with no open-ended variables? initially until the death role concept gains acceptable gaming consent (if there's such a thing). Yet as a total death playing concept (eg; permanent) role and not temporary (as:to shape-shift etc') it may well become more usable and accepted in the future?

In the link below read about "Characters coping with death: Possession" …
how Raymond E. Feist refers to the mind of the character when close to death (in gaming) and also "ageing" rather than dying in combat…there are definitely openings for utilising the dead or semi-dead role play concept.


Immortality and/or the ability to be killed would be dependent on storyline, even voluntary euthanasia might also be possible! - yet i suppose it must always remain credible to the story concept rather than game-play death.

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Just as an addition and to show how some undead types/themes have been utilised - here's a wiki' list of some such games and not only rpg types.

The Witcher is in there (with no description)

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