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January 21st, 2009, 19:09
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
All three movies have a couple of negative things in common:
The actors have a tendency for overacting, although they have shown their qualities in other films. Which hints that Woo was unable to lead them correctly. Most of them are charismatic and well cast though.
Character development doesn't follow Hollywood conventions. A exchanges 3 sentences with B. Then they are suddenly best friends. "Uncle" or "brother" is no indication for a part of the same family.
Many characters do outright stupid things. Logic and a sense for the own health are largely absent.
There are too many sentimental scenes.
Most Asian most likely never noticed the things you mentioned such as the overacting. I am not very sure about the reason but these could be related to cultural characteristic of Asian movie-making, ways of carrying a character by actor/actress and expectation of audience.

Before i exposed to Hollywood stuff almost two decades ago i thought those movies were awesome. Issues of over-dramatic, excessive amount of deus ex machina used by filmmaker, or the over-acting hardly ever noticed. Everyone actually expecting those elements and liked them. Many movies and TV series in Hong kong and Taiwan follow very formulaic plot-structure, story-telling and pretty same movie-acting style. I noticed Japanese movies and TV series contain over-acting element as well as in on-stage traditional performance.

But now, i'm accustomed to realism and natural performance as in many western movies. Many of those old classics you mentioned and new movies just doesn't suit my taste anymore. However i also found considerable amount of Chinese/Japanese movies that don't have those elements, mostly serious art house movies. E.g see the earlier films by Zhang Yimou "Ju dou", "raise the red latern", "Red Sorghum", "To Live", "The Road Home", etc; plus films by Ang Lee and couple others from mainland China and Taiwan.
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