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January 23rd, 2009, 03:00
civ 2 was good, alpha centauri was 4x better though. i've played all of the civ's, though only the expansions for civ 4 not the older ones and the additions are welcome , i personally don't think of culture as being radical, and i love the fact that through influence you can absorb other cities slowly ebbing away at them without need for military actions. basically though they are all the same: so easy to waste many hours, yet there is little satisfaction in actually finishing a game as usually the satisfaction is thriving long enough to see the whole faux world. civ 4 colonozation had an interesting premise, yet i found it the worst game as balance was horrible, for there were more than 100 british forces ready to pounce on me when i finally stopped colonizing and wanted independence. (both times)

currently i'm playing knights of honor again for my turn based strategy fix. the game is a real gem and while somewhat similar to the total war series, it does a number of things much better especially in regards to diplomacy. more nations and you are limited to a certain number of slots for your generals, and priests, spies, merchants, etc. for those who haven't played it before i highly suggest the 100 turn demo. the music reminds me of divine divinity for some reason.

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