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January 29th, 2009, 01:34
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
Is that a diagram of a sample quest logic? I'd love to see that translated.
Your wish is my command .

It is…

Central box: [Player wants to enter the city]

Right tree: Option #1) Go to the main gate
Left tree: Option #2) Go to the back entrance

If you go for the right tree, i.e. option #1) it continues with…

[As soon as the hero approaches the main gate he is attacked by guards of the Inquisition]

Option #1) Run away
Result: The player escapes and gets to reconsider his options (go back to [Player wants to enter the city]

Option #2) Surrender
Result: Player is arrested by the guards of the Inquisition. Player is released in the city and is regarded as a supporter of the Inquisition, opening up corresponding quest options

If you opt for the left tree, i.e. option #2 it is…

- Player goes to the back entrance
- A fortunately corrupt guard is waiting for you who will gladly accept bribes
Option #1: Bribe guard (and find ways to come up with the money)
Option #2: Kill the guard
Result: Both ways you'll get into the city where you are approached by shady characters, opening up corresponding quest options

That's it. Not overly spectacular really and kinda cliché with the main gate/back entrance and bribe/kill options.
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