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February 1st, 2009, 22:58
i had to stop after playing the first level in iraq or whereever they were. the model designs for the 'arabs' seemed awefully racist to me. don't know why they had to put that segment in the game, but it was pretty horrid as was the gameplay itself.

i thought the orginal area 51 was decent enough and the humour of the fake lunar landing level was reason enough to play it. oh and it was a must buy for me since tom hall worked on it.

i'm currently jumping between a bunch of non-story based games.

mosby's confederacy-not to many civil war games out there. this one isn't great but a better than average game that is simple and easy to play for if you only have an hour or even less at a time. theres to portions to it: the map portion which has ten towns that each have ten recruits. you can upgrade towns loyalty, weapons, medical care, etc. and all units gain experience which gives them new traits, which enhance their stats and give them special bonuses. you 'general', actually a major also gets a new attribute for each mission you complete. they are varied though some are practically required like one that each time you pick it allows you to command more men. you only start off with the abiltiy to lead 5 men including the major. the other portion is the missions themselves which have no music, and simply the sound effects of battle. units can sneak or charge, use a rifle, pistol or sword, and of course if you aquire them they can ride horses which soak more damage, allow for better flanking, etc. like i said the game is simple but that isn't a bad thing in this case and makes me reminsce about an old game of past cannon fodder.

worldshift-from the makers of knights of honour, i finally decided to import this game as its still not out here yet, despite a lukewarm experience with the demo last year. its not really anything great so far, but after 2 levels or so i've yet to do any army or base building. there's no real 'rpg' leveling to it either though there are spells and skills and relics which you can collect during the missions and after successful completion of them you also choose one. these give you bonuses which apply to the 3 factions and not only affect the single player campagin but also i believe carry with you for online multiplayer. being how i nearly never use the later its not a boon for me. the best thing about the game though is the music and graphics. the futuristic fauna is beautiful and the music is very well done. on a side note it seems that black sea studios is now crytek-black sea.

imperium romanum-of the past 7 years or so i've found very few city builders that can keep me coming back for more. when the bridge was built to 3d city building some of the magic and fun never carried over. stronghold 2, children of the nile, civ city rome, and caesav iv all were decent enough games but they never amazed me like their predessors. i noticed this game on sale at impulse, and the screens which don't tell much intrigued me enough to try the demo last night. this city builder is superb and is so smooth in its mechanics and its easy to do a lot without getting overwhelmed through cumbersome and unintuitive menus. purchased it this morning and is worth the 14.99 its on sale at impulse presently just for the few hours i've played. top notch city builder and have to wait and see but it will probably rank in the top 5 city builders for me with ease.
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