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February 2nd, 2009, 07:05
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[Detail about NPD stats.]
Thanks for that clarification - the stats are even worse than I realized.

And by the way, for all my criticism of Mass Effect, going by the hours played and the enthusiasm with which they were played, ME was one of my favorite games. But I think a lot of individual components were shallow or poor, including the writing overall, several quests and the Hollywood cheesiness of the plot and plastic action figure nature of the characters as well as the paper-thin party member backgrounds. Many specific lines literally are at the eye-roll/face palm level, as far as I'm concerned.

However, that said, I think it reached some kind of gestalt, became more than the sum of its parts. Good pacing between story and action and the pacing of the action sequences themselves probably had something to do with it, as well as the sheer fun of using certain biotic powers. Plus, intially, before I got the hang of it, I died a bit in combat, and the challenge was welcome. And some quests and general moments in the game were not half bad.

I also really liked that getting achievements contributes improvements to your character instead of just increasing your gamer score. It added, to entire playthroughs, the kind of addiction "leveling up" has in general for me. Plus, I didn't hate the Mako or mind the copy/paste side worlds as much as a lot of people, although I didn't love them either.

Anyway - I just wanted to note that my opinion of the game isn't all bad. I actually bought it both for the Xbox, and then when I upgraded my PC, for the PC.

Overall, I played it like crazy, and I probably will go back to it again, at least to finish getting the PC achievements. When there are so many games I feel entirely flat or neutral about and could take or leave, ME is doing something right.
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