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February 2nd, 2009, 08:15
Originally Posted by curious View Post
territory is everything is the civ games. the ai slaps downs those settlements for good reason and you should as well. even if you can't grow the city and slowly ebb their borders out through influence (religion, culture, etc.) its still a valuable tool in attrition by taking away what would otherwise be a city with full access to all of its resourse tiles. these strategies can be risky as it can stretch your civ thin, but as i nearly always played noble level, or even warlord for some of the scenarios, the ai isn't to ruthless.
The point is precisely that they don't get any territory; all I have to do is switch my neighboring cities to produce "culture" (after I've done some cultural building in them), and they're squeezed down to an unhappy one or two tiles. If relations go bad, they're completely cut off. If I switch my civ from research to culture, they'll even switch sides all by themselves. They don't grow, they don't produce. And if there's a war, they're completely vulnerable, because I can attack them from any of my surrounding cities in one round. Territory is everything, sure, but it has to be defensible territory -- without territorial contiguity, you're vulnerable to being sliced up and then destroyed.

But other than that, the strategic AI is pretty smart, I think -- Isabella's surprise attack was quite devastating; she managed to Pearl Harbor much of my air force in the initial advance. Next time I won't put it all one place so close to the border…
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