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February 2nd, 2009, 10:29
Originally Posted by Penny View Post
A patch = great.

Not having the kind of DLC they promised = not great.

The expectation of being able to buy more "chapters" that bridged ME1 and 2 was one reason I bought it in the first place. And so far, there's only Bring Down the Sky.

So it's not the living, serialized game I had hoped for.
I don't think they ever claimed the DLC would "bridge" the games together. IIRC the only thing they claimed was that it would introduce the bataarians.

Originally Posted by steel_wind
If I want to play ME - I'm stuck playing it on my 360 (which sounds like a leafblower under my TV when it is on from the twin 70 cooling fans, but that's another thread).
You should seriously consider installing it to the hard drive on your 360. It helps a lot with loading / texture popping and hardware noise.

Originally Posted by Penny
I also really liked that getting achievements contributes improvements to your character instead of just increasing your gamer score. It added, to entire playthroughs, the kind of addiction "leveling up" has in general for me.
Agreed. I also enjoyed the fact that all achievements are reasonably do-able. There aren't any "Kill one million Geth with your bare fists" achievements. It was the only game for my 360 that I've been able to get all achievements for, and I have a lot.
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