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February 2nd, 2009, 15:26
Originally Posted by Prime Junta View Post
There is the length. And the scope. Not to mention war, and, rarely, peace.
Also, War and Peace - when we honestly get down to it - is really, really boring, and ends with meandering and meaningless diatribes about the nature of historical progress. I dunno, it seems like an apt comparison.

Still, there's always something funny about comparing games to films or books, but that's simply because gaming is an infant media, they can't help it.

As for the model of a company and doing it well - that's fine. BioWare has been doing the same game in different settings for years now and they really do it quite well, that much is hard to argue. And like Stormwaltz said, there's other formulaic developers out there - Bethesda has not really changed their core formula all that much since Arena, they turned Fallout 3 into a TES-like, and whatever third IP they're rumoured to have bought now, they'll turn it into a TES-like as well.

That's fine. If you get bored with it - as I do of BioWare games very, very quickly - then don't buy it, or skip the titles you reliably hear are inferior (really regret buying Mass Effect). Personally, tho', I'd go batshit insane after two titles in the studio, I can't imagine being comfortable with those constraints.

From my perspective, it's the same as with actors. An actor that can only do on part, like - say - Morgan Freeman, can never be a great actor. He can be a great character actor, and he can be a good actor overall, but an actor who doesn't diversify is not a great actor. That's what sets Troika apart from the likes of BioWare and Bethesda, to which the business consideration - for me as a consumer - is so irrelevant it's not even funny.
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