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February 2nd, 2009, 16:57
Very much doubt BN thought of Morgan Freeman because he was black. Denzel Washington, for example, is certainly black - and a much better actor than Freeman. That doesn't mean he always stars in better movies, but he's definetly a better actor.

Edit: BN beat me to it, but I'll still leave it in.

Anyhow, I personally think Troika is a perfect example of why developers like BioWare and Blizzard thrive, while Troika did not. Too much experimenting. While I will always consider Arcanum a brilliant RPG, I never liked any other game they developed. Others may feel different - that Arcanum was rubbish, and the other titles were great. There's very little consistency.

BioWare, Blizzard, Bethesda and so on have millions of loyal fans by now. Making small changes here and there to try out something new is certainly possible, but going in a completely different direction is just not an option.

However, if we can get Gothic-ish RPGs from Piranha, KotOR/BGish RPGs from BioWare, and MotB/PS:T-ish RPGs from Obsidian, I'm perfectly happy. I do enjoy trying out new things once in a while, but I leave that to the smaller developers (like PB when they released Gothic - that game blew me away 7 years ago) who still haven't found their place in the gaming industry.

Obsidian might be a bad example, considering it's a relatively young company that is currently working on titles that seem rather different (Alpha Protocol, NWN2 and Aliens), but I still keep my hopes up that one day they'll produce more MotB/PS:T-ish stuff..
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