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February 3rd, 2009, 06:43
for me self-imposed save limits just doesn't work. often saved games take up more hard drive space than the game itself. nwn2 for example--those saves are massive. personally i opt for the higher or highest difficulty. however i don't mind a limited save game approach if the game itself imposes it. blade of darkness had a cool save system in that it rated you based on how many times you saved in each level. you got a free save at the beginning of each level and if you used more than 1 save beyond that you rank went down. more than 3 another rank. some console games do that as well but those are usually for games that have little meaningful replay value besides the bonuses themselves. i also enjoy save 'zones'. would have been cool if the vita-chambers had done just that and served as the only place you could save your game. maybe if i replay bioshock i'll try playing with only saving while standing next to one…could be cool.
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