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February 3rd, 2009, 09:09
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you got a free save at the beginning of each level and if you used more than 1 save beyond that you rank went down. more than 3 another rank. some console games do that as well but those are usually for games that have little meaningful replay value besides the bonuses themselves.
The first 3 games in the Resident Evil series did that. It was one of the few things I didn't like about my all-time favorite console series. One thing I really hate though - is when a game penalizes you for taking too much time. The early RE games, as well as the Metroid series, another personal favorite of mine, were notorious for that.

Originally Posted by curious View Post
i also enjoy save 'zones'. would have been cool if the vita-chambers had done just that and served as the only place you could save your game. maybe if i replay bioshock i'll try playing with only saving while standing next to one…could be cool.
The v1.1 patch for Bioshock added an option to disable the Vita-Chambers, as well as several new plasmids and gene tonics. Unfortunately I had already finished the game by the time it was released.
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