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February 6th, 2009, 01:26
Since encountering the Rapax, WizFast has been at full warp-speed. But there's still a lot of waiting for combat animations and spells to fire. Really - even if they only take 7.5 seconds per enemy, we're talking 2 minutes per round JUST for the AI to finish making their moves for 16 opponents. And the Rapax fights take many, many rounds. It's a slug-fest.

I've tried to be pretty careful about dodging the multiple groups (or even fleeing when too many reinforcements arrive in mid-combat), and it's worked well in some areas - like the Rapax camp (which I haven't written about yet). But in the tight confines of the castle, I can only dodge a few encounters and hope for the best with others. The mini-map with the scanner effect up reveals huge swarms of red dots at every other turn. I guess I got 'em riled up.

I'm assuming level 23ish isn't unusually high (or low) for this part of the game?
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