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February 6th, 2009, 08:36
Originally Posted by RampantCoyote View Post
I'm assuming level 23ish isn't unusually high (or low) for this part of the game?
I think 23 is pretty adequate for that part of the game.

This is probably quite a major spoiler but

you can become a rapax templar in the rapax castle - start is on the left balcony of the throne room. Then you can enjoy exploring the castle without being slowed down by the enemies since all rapax will become neutral.
Also, the whole rapax camp will be friendly/neutral then, and Iīd recommend to go through that sequence since itīs a rather cool one, shedding more light on the whole Umpani - TīRang business.
That said, that part of the game is potentially rather tedious, although still pretty fun in the case of rift, and I remember completely missing the possibility to befriend the rapax in the castle during my first playthrough. However, when you know about it, rapax castle is quite a bliss.

Nessie is easily killable around levels 12-14, or so. Usual protective spells, plus enchanted blade and superman are your friends.
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