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February 10th, 2009, 05:10
Thanks another informative report on the state of handheld gaming.

I recently picked up an iPhone 3G, so I've been trying out all of the limited RPG options. So far, I've mostly been spending time with Puzzle Quest and Vay. Both are decent games with solid roots on other platforms, but neither is a stellar port to the iPhone. Still, I'd say Puzzle Quest is the iPhone game that has absorbed most of my attention.

Toward the end of your article, you mentioned uncertainty over upcoming iPhone RPGs. I know that Chillingo has announced that they're porting over some of Redshift's RPGs, and that the first one (The Quest) should be released in the next few days. I thought The Quest was a pretty darn impressive game on its prior platforms, though of course I have no idea how well it will be ported or how much content will have to be censored to get Apple's approval.

Also, Bethesda has announced their next title is coming out on the iPhone, so hopefully that will be an RPG.




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