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February 10th, 2009, 13:59
Originally Posted by guenthar View Post
I don't know how you can do well fighting in the Star Ocean games by button mashing since when I try to do that I do horribly and am forced to use more strategy. The same thing happens to me in the tales games so I wouldn't really consider combat in star ocean a button masher.
I was really thinking in the context of other action-RPG style games. I find that the battle field limits you in terms of how you can apply strategy. It is certainly not a bad system, and you need to plan your battles, but it is still largely a repetitive 'rush in and wipe them out' system. At least that is how I found it - but it is *worlds* better than the Valhalla Knights games.

Originally Posted by Thaurin View Post
Is that screenshot from the Pocket PC version of Arvale? Because one of my complaints about that game is that the game plays in landscape mode and the viewing area has been shrunk down to allow space for a stupid touch screen directional pad. That while you can just tap anywhere on the map to walk over! Vay does this a bit better, with just a stats pane on the right.

Is there some way to play Arvale in portrait mode?
Hehe … I can't believe I grabbed my old Pocket PC screen … I'll have to replace that. I exported from iPhoto but dumped it in my common 'Screens' folder … as I said this is a game I've been enjoying for years.

There is no way I found to get Arvale into portrait mode on the iPhone. I also wish that the arrow pad was more omnidirectional.
-- Mike
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