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February 16th, 2009, 03:03
Transporter 3
Pretty good. The typical fast paced chaos, slightly more realistic action than in part 2. Nice popcorn flick. C+

96 Hours aka Taken
Rather short movie, only 90 minutes. 15 minutes intro including one action scene, then Liam Neeson goes Bronson. Daughter gets knidnapped in Paris, ex-CIA man tries to find her. The movie is fast but not frantic, quite brutal (Jason Bourne meets Jack Bauer). Hand made action, realistic shootouts, nice car chases. A really well made action movie with a serious topic (trafficking). Unpretentious, unsentimental, consequent - and Neeson is great. The soft spoken character actor can play a convincing action hero, including oneliners!
I give it an A-. Normally only a B+, but I give it more because the scene in which the daughter gets kidnapped while daddy is on the phone will soon be considered cinema history.

The Dark Knight
Not much to explain. Everybody knows it. Good movie, at least a B.

Iron Man
Good. One of the better superhero movies. Incredibly mainstream. B-.

Hellboy 2
As good as the first.

In Bruges
Interesting and well played. Hard to describe. Killers in midlife crysis after a failed job leading to a dead child. They are told to go to Bruges and wait. Spend some time, relax, get your head clear. Then a little violent action follows. Definitely worth watching. B.

In China they eat Dogs and Old Men in New Cars
A very successful Danish(!) Tarantino clone and its prequel. Very funny and totally not PC. Both are completely unpredictable. Especially the ending of Dogs is remarkably strange.
Both very entertaining if you like this type of movie and are open to foreign flavour. B.

Lucky Number Slevin
Also gangster comedy stuff. Pretty violent, fast paced and quite surprising. Good entertainment, but you can only watch it once. B.

Ghost Dog - The Way of the Samurai
Jim Jarmush is a genious. If you've never seen one of his movies start with this one. It's very entertaining. Forest Whitaker plays a black samurai working for the Italian mafia. His best friend is an ice cream seller who only speaks French. The mafia boss (played by the great Henry Silva) orders Ghost Dog be killed after a job.
A weird, calm, careful, funny, serious and entertaining movie about loyalty, friendship and fate. Highly recommended. A+.
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