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February 16th, 2009, 22:01
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
1) Puppet mode. So I decided to try puppet mode for all characters. I tried several AI options but it always ended up in characters running all over the place triggering traps and receiving AOOs from moving everywhere. Is there some AI configuration that makes it usable? Puppet mode is sort of cumbersome (like, I usually don't bother with special abilities like power-attack, but when not in puppet mode they do use them)
I almost never use puppet mode. Instead, I tweak the spellcasting and ability usage settings for each of the characters to stop them from doing damn-fool things, and use the "broadcast command" feature a lot -- as in "stand your ground/attack nearest/follow me." Very rarely I hit the "AI off" button (bottom left), to take full control of the party.

2) Camera. I'm playing mostly in strategy mode as zoomed out as possible, but the camera is always around the main character. Did I miss a way to move my camera freely around the map like in BG?
Yes. Uncheck the "always centered on selected character" box. (I personally prefer to keep it checked.)

3) Sound. I have SB Live card, so I selected EAX audio originally, but the voices always sounded like they were inside a cavern. I had to switch to software sound but was wondering if it's a known problem with a solution
Don't know. I have Vista so EAX isn't even an option.

4) Expansions. I want to play everything in order, but are there any benefits to the OC if I install the expansions? Should I install the expansions when I receive them or wait until I finish the OC?
SoZ borks at least parts of the original campaign, so don't install that at least until the next patch is out. They don't make any (intentional) changes to the OC; they're all included in the patches. I say hold off until you want to actually play them.

5) Gems. I sold all the gems I had thinking they were just cash loot, then I found a book that says how to create magical items I need them. Am I screwed? or is there a place where I can buy all the gems? (I sold rubies, diamonds, malachites, etc)
Not SCREWED screwed, but definitely a little screwed. Crafting is very complicated in the OC (much simplified in the expansions); I didn't even do much of it on my first play-through.

6) How does playing online work? Do I have to finish the OC or have the expansions installed to try them? Do I have to create new characters? Any suggestions which servers/campaigns/adventures to try?
Never tried it, so can't answer.

Right now I'm in Neverwinter, starting the quests to get into the merchant's zone. My original aborted run ended not much later than that (I think I quit sometime after getting in the merchant's quarter)

Edit: Oh, and I forgot one question…
7) Is there a NO-DVD patch somewhere I can use so I don't have to put the DVD in when I play?
Probably, somewhere, but I haven't looked for it (and would advise against it, too, since you're dependent on updating the game rapidly, and cracks tend to mess with that.)
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