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February 17th, 2009, 02:56
I've purchased three games from them. The first two were back in the client era and they went just fine, but the third and most recent experience = not so good.

I downloaded a title this past Friday only to find it required a serial key to run- and that the key had not been provided in the download, confirmation email or my GG "My Games" locker. I emailed their support that evening, and heard back today. They encountered the same issue with a test DL, very sorry, no idea why, checking with the publisher. They asked that I wait a few days and email them again, by which time the problem might be resolved or else they could then offer me a refund. I emailed back that I'd prefer a refund today, rather than continuing to wait. I haven't received a response.

From what I understand, this kind of fumbled serial/CD key exchange has cropped up before, though previously it happened when the demand outstripped key supply in a short timeframe. Whether a nice price on a five year old title was enough to break their key bank in this case, I'm not sure, they certainly didn't try to explain it that way. More so they act as though the need for a key caught them by surprise.

Anyway- not particularly happy, and will probably look elsewhere in the future.
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