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February 21st, 2009, 05:55
I always wondered if it was conscious decision to make the dialogue and choices in ME be reasonable for a wider spectrum of opinions? it is definitely the only story-driven game that allowed me to make choices or choose dialogue that I felt fit the persona I tried to create for the character without also trying to force a certain moral and ethical philosophy down my throat.

Also, the human-soldier-girl character was especially well done in that her life-view was out of the hippy-fascist approval range and she wasn't supposed to be evil (unless her evilness went over my head). It's like someone in the entertainment industry wanted to make a normal, believable character for a change. It was weird.

If DA has also taken this road I might have to check it out. I know I won't be on board the "hardcore rpg" train, but I'm sure we have different criteria for what we call or consider a hardcore rpg.
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