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February 21st, 2009, 17:16
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im sure ashleys words roll of your tongue as well then "its not racism really…". and if by normal you mean elizabeth hasselback meets danica patrick than yeah she's your normal girl that said in some ways she was a refreshing character in that there's few games i've played that dealt with an obviously biggoted character. i'm all for games giving you all types of characters, and the opportunites to agree or rebuke them.
It's not racism as racism was definite before it was turned into a synonym for bigotry. And we all have our bigotries, even if it is being bigoted against people whose bigotry we disagree with.

I'm part black and would never want my family to live in an all black neighborhood in the US. I live in a nice community that is mostly Indian. When I bring my older kid to the park to play (the one old enough to play) the Indian kids do not play with her because she is not Indian. Is that racism? Am I racist for liking Indians for their work ethic and desire for social stratification, while kind of hating them for making my daughter feel left out and like a piece of shit when their kids ignore her?

Ashley had a reason for her bigotry, if she wasn't bigoted her character would've seemed less believable to me. We all have our faults, and a human fault is that we tend to hold grudges against people or groups who we believe have done us wrong. Its qualified bigotry and we are all guilty of it. Some people hate all bullies because they were treated rough by bullies growing up, a lot of blacks are taught to hate all whites due to this and that, etc, etc.
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